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Professional Sound Off

I typically like to fill our Gaia Fit blog with a lot of positive energy - even if it is learning how to take the negative and turn it into positive. It is not always easy. I find that working to help others burn out the negative and live in the positive helps me do the same... most of the time.

There are tiny things and big things that can get under my skin. If you don't believe me just ask my husband. He is the blessed one that gets to hear me sound off from time to time.

I have been trying to hold this one in since I have been hearing the radio commercials over the holidays, but I just can't take it anymore! So here it goes.

Do you know that radio commercial that advertises becoming a personal trainer? It is broadcasted everywhere - even my mother has heard it in New Jersey. I am in South Carolina and hear it every morning after my 6am fitness boot camp class.

Get paid to workout and stay in shape!

Make a lot of money following your passion.

Train professional athletes and celebrities.

Find a job in 6 weeks guaranteed.

I may have paraphrased the second three, but the first line is spot on and the one that erks me the most. As a professional personal trainer, you do not get paid to workout and stay in shape. You get paid to teach and motivate others on how to workout and stay in shape. 

It is very rare that you will find me working out during one of my boot camp classes, small group training sessions, or one-on-on training sessions. If I drop to do an exercise it is to show and tell how to do the exercise appropriately or motivate someone through that last push. If I am down doing a push-up, how can I tell if the person at the end of the line or in the back is doing their push-up properly? My job is not to show how many push-ups I can do, it is to make sure my participants are doing a push-up properly and with the proper modifications and advancements. Yes there are some classes that the instructor will work out the entire time. They are choreographed and in a room full of mirrors so the instructor can see everyone. But even then, a good instructor may have to stop what they are doing to walk around the room to make sure their participants are getting the safest most effective workout.

The fitness industry is presently fighting to establish a proper high quality system of credentials and professionalism and this commercial just takes away from that fight.

I am a big believer in finding your passion and going for it. We should be passionate and happy about our careers.Yet, along with that passion comes hard work and dedication. You may find a job in 6 weeks, but it is going to take hard work, study, time and even more passion to fulfill the job and make it a career of longevity. 

Don't become a trainer because you will get paid to workout and stay in shape. Become a trainer because you understand the importance of healthy living and exercise and you want to help others do and feel the same.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, find one that can do that for you. Find a trainer you have a connection with. Find that trainer that connect you to healthy lifestyle and the put you on a path to becoming a fit, healthy, and happy you!

OK. Sound off complete. I feel better now. Thank you for being my sounding board today. Next time you hear the commercial, can you do me a favor and just change the station?

Health and Happiness!



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