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Explore Life like a Child

A random family hike this past Sunday on the Palmetto Trail in the Francis Marion National Forest suddenly became full of introspective moments.

Lessons of life.

A renewed love of life.

Excitement to explore life's paths ahead.

As I watched the children run off exploring with eagerness and excitement to see what was around every bend and curve, I thought, "Yes, this is it. This is what it is all about."

Their life lies undefined. We don't know what lies ahead for them, but we can only hope that they keep this same excitement and curiosity with each path and journey they go on. We work to encourage them to be brave, have fun and take every step with passion and love.

Then I thought, "This is what I am here for... to provide them with boundless opportunities, love, support and to let them be free to explore and choose."

I was reminded that it may be scary for me to let them go. But my sons words while climbing reminded me of why, sometimes, I need to do just that.

As he climbed to new heights, he whispered to himself,  "I am scared... I can do this." 

It was those words that stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to leap up and grab him down to safety. If I did, he would not have seen what he was capable of doing. When he reached his limit, he called out for help and I assured him that we were there to help. And we did. 

While watching the children and enjoying the morning, I was also reminded that this was not just about the children exploring and walking their journey of life. It was also a reminder of how as adults, we need to do so as well. There is so much out there left unexplored. Let's learn from our children. 

Be brave. Have fun. Explore the unknown with excitement. Push past our fears.

Sometimes we need to just let go and...

Explore life like a child.

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