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Sugar Challenge 2016

My favorite topic and challenge is here! We will only do this challenge once per year so join now! The private Facebook page is live all year long!

Even if you don't think Sugar is a "problem" for you, we promise you will learn more about your eating habits. Yes, it will take a little work from you, but it is work that will last a lifetime and make a HUGE impact on your health!

Knowledge is power and we strive to give you as much of it as we can and as you are willing, ready and able to take at this time right now in your life.

Four steps to join the Challenge. If you are READY NOW, skip to step 4, but then come back to step 1.

Step 1: Watch this short and fun video!

Step 2: Watch our Webinar and learn a little more.

Step 3: Wait? What!? I am a little confused. Watch here for real life examples!

 Step 4: I am in! Click Right Here Right Now and JOIN!
*If you are a Shaklee Member on autoship or just placed an order this month, you CAN JOIN US FOR FREE. For a chance to win the cash prize, it is $10 and you can pay with the link above!

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