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Believe in what!?


I am a little late on this, but better late than never!


I have been asked several times, what Gaia Fit's new theme is going to be. I respond, BELIEVE! The response I received was accompanied with a confused and unimpressed look, "Believe?" 


In 2013, we went with No Excuses. I took the No Excuses to heart and went after my own excuses that have been holding me back all these years. If I confronted any road block when attacking new goals and endeavors, I would chant in my head, "no excuses." I would fight hard to block out the negative voices that kept trying to creep in. One of my challenges was working on myself mentally and physically to step into a pair of booty shorts that just a year ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in. The challenge was not to "show off." It was to move past the negative inner voices and step outside of that comfort zone I had built up around me. It was to work on me physically AND more importantly, mentally! 


Something happened when I got to that point. Pride, a new found confidence, a strength that went way deeper than muscles.


But then something else happened... I realized I had made it. I accomplished my goal! Awesome! Right!? 


Um, now what!? I thought. I didn't really just do this? 


Disbelief, Fear...


Self Sabotage!


Seriously!? Did I just throw away all that hard work?


The old me... would say, Well yeah, did you think you really accomplished that? Hahaha


But no, not today. We worked too hard to confront unwanted baggage that we allowed to hang on our backs for way too long! Why not really accomplish our goals and then go even further? The only person holding you back is you. The only person holding me back is me. So, let's confront the problem.


Let's confront our personal BELIEF system. 


When you think, can I do that? When you try to write out new goals. Write them for real! Dig deep down. Write them, say them and BELIEVE in them. Shout them from the roof top and then turn inward and say, yes, I can and I will. I deserve this. I BELIEVE I can! 


Ok, so let's do this. My self sabotage, fear and doubt is over! In 2014, we are going to keep pushing all of our excuses to the side. We are going to power through them and BELIEVE in ourselves!


Go ahead, say it...

I believe in me! I believe I can... (enter your goals here!)

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