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SC Lean & Healthy Holiday Challenge Winners


Stephanie Fortner (1st place)

"The Lean and Healthy Challenge helped to keep me accountable through the holidays. Normally, I would indulge whenever I wanted, but having to keep a food journal and weigh in each week helped to remind me of the progress I've made. Of course the competition didn't hurt either. I'm very excited to have won."


NIkki Hinske (3rd place)

"I loved participating in the challenge.  One of my goals was to work out five days a week through the end of the year and despite the trials of the holidays, I kept my eye on the prize and looked for opportunities to squeeze in my workouts.  I also started using the Shaklee products.  I love the meal bars which were an essential part of managing my weight during the holidays.  I keep one in my bag so I always have a healthy meal in case I’m running around.  It really came in handy during the holiday shopping!"


Alex Hagerstrand (5th place)

"I was really suprised that I ended up in the top 5! What made me keep going is that it was a challenge and I knew Mary was going to check up on me so I had to stick to it. I had a couple of ups and downs during the challenge. It always made me think about what I was eating and what better choices I could make. I tried to always go to bootcamp 3 times a week because I knew Mary would kick my butt, so that I could reach my goals."

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