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NJ Lean & Healthy Holiday Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Lean & Healthy Holiday Challenge in New Jersey! These boot campers made a commitment to stay healthy over the holidays by doing things such as setting GOALS, keeping a FOOD JOURNAL, attending BOOT CAMP, exercising on their off boot camp days, entering LOCAL FITNESS EVENTS. They were held accountable with weekly check-ins by Gaia Fit's NJ Sister in Sweat Mandy Yachmetz and each other! 
Lauren Grumbach (1st place)
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
"The Lean and Healthy Challenge was an excellent tool to keep me motivated during the holidays, a time when I typically indulge my sweet tooth and let my exercise routine fall by the wayside all in the name of celebration.  The program helped me to recommit myself to simple, yet neglected resolutions such as taking a daily multivitamin and drinking more water (a personal goal) and helped me cultivate new healthy habits like tracking my food and exercise via My Fitness Pal.  In the end,  I was most motivated by the responsibility of tracking and tallying up all of data; seeing the findings made my progress through the challenge more concrete and held me accountable for my decisions -- whether it meant reaching for another irresistible chocolate chip cookie or adding an extra mile to a morning run."  

Rama Kudipudi (2nd Place)
Colts Neck, NJ
"Taking up on the Lean and Healthy holiday Challenge was the best thing I have done lately.  I have always thought being a runner I can easily shed the extra pounds running it off!! Instead every year I have gained at least couple pounds during the holiday Season and have accumulated at least 15-20 lbs over the years!!  This Holiday Challenge made me reassess my eating habits and my exercise regimen. For someone  whose biggest down side was skipping meals, no healthy and timely eating habits,  It was very hard to resist the “junk“ food, and eat in a timely fashion three meals and 2-3 snacks a day!!  As I got into this challenge I found to be craving less for junk food, having more energy to exercise and topping it all was losing pounds!!  Starting my day off three times a week with Mandy’s work out with my fellow boot campers gives me such positive energy and motivation. I am much stronger and toned with her high intensity training. Thank you Mandy for keeping me motivated and helping me back on track,  I’m now confident that I can beat my husband in the upcoming half marathon."

Nancy Dykstra (3rd Place)
Red Bank, NJ
"I wasn't going to do the challenge but I am trying very hard to do things that push me outside of my comfort zone. Thanks to Mandy and Gaia Fit I am succeeding! I want to live the healthiest strongest life I can and Gaia Fit is helping me do that."

Ally Grippo (4th Place)
Little Silver, NJ
"I did the challenge for the competition and as a jump start to getting into better habits with eating healthy and exercising more. The holidays definitely were a hard time to do this with all the junk food around, but I did start eating better and have been trying my best to continue with it since the challenge has ended. I had a lot of fun doing the challenge because I love bootcamp and competing against my aunt, who did end up beating me!"

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