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Best Action You Can Do For Your Health

These guys have something to tell you. They want you to be the best you, you can be...

Healthy! Strong! Confident! Powerful! Happy! Energetic!

We discovered a little secret to our health and happiness (okay, "I" have.) This has been the most powerful thing I have done in a long time. It has had a huge impact on the health of my mind, body and spirit. It was a little weird at first. I felt a little lost and uncomfortable, but then I started to discover me again! The doer. The mover. I have ideas and not only do I have ideas, I can make plans on what to do with them and actually do them! I can think clearly again.

When I am thinking clearly, I am in tune with myself and those around be. I am listening better and able to decide needs versus wants and likes versus loves.

Would you like to think clearly again? Get rid of some of that anxiety and extra emotion and baggage? Are you ready to discover that you have extra baggage you didn't even know about?


If you have done any program with me, you know how much we talk about the mind body connection being the most important piece of the puzzle. You can follow any exercise regime and latest, hottest diet that claims not to be a diet. They are all smart now. They know the right words to pull you in.

"No, No, not a diet -- lifestyle change. We promise."

Just put your food in these cups, eat this many points, go gluten free, forget those carbs, eat lots of fat...

The list goes on forever right!? We know. We have our programs too. But we make you work for it. We make you work to understand it. We refuse to do it for you. We challenge you to connect with yourself. You either do or you don't. But we are here when you are ready to make that connection with yourself and start listening to your body. 

I digress a bit, but it is important. This one action took me to a whole new level with myself. It is not all fresh and rosy all the time either. A little scary. 

Are you ready to hear what I did? It is not any new daily exercise or even meditation trick. It is not any new super food or supplement. 

Drum Roll, Please...

In 2016 and permanently, I deleted Facebook OFF my phone.

Yep. That's it. Note, I am still on it. But I have to go up to my office where I will keep my computer if I want to mindlessly browse through and catch up on the latest gossip. I will note, I did keep twitter and Instagram. Simply because they don't suck me in at all. Two minutes a day on each tops. Quick little surf throughs to catch up on my favorite people and done. And I did keep the Pages app so I can keep our Gaia Fit family in the loop and respond to anything on that end. But again - post, reply and done. Closed. 

Now some of you are thinking, I don't get it. It is not a big deal and others are started to quiver at just the thought. I mean, what will you do while waiting on the check out line, at your kids sport's practice, at the stop light (I know you do it. Just admit it.), while you transition um, from the store to your car or from your car to the store, at the restaurant when your friends are all doing it or your date has left you alone to go to the bathroom???? WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOURSELF?

You will read a book. 

You will talk to people in person!

You will allow yourself to actually think. 

You will connect with you and with others around you.

You will get comfortable in your own skin again.

You will learn to love you.

You will learn to live your life and not the lives of others.


You will realize you have a lot of flipped time on your hands that yes, you can go exercise, cook a healthy meal, clean your house and...

The possibilities are endless.

So, if you are brave enough like me to admit you have a problem or if you are curious (because you still don't think you have a problem), I challenge you to do it for one whole week. Just do it. Go ahead. Hit that button. Delete. Delete. Delete.


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