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NJ November Boot Camper of the Month



Theresa Knipe
Fair Haven, NJ


After having my twin girls in June 2010, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight soon after, but never with the same body! I went to the gym, walked miles with the double stroller each day in Hoboken, ate what I considered to be a healthy diet at the time (including my girls’ leftovers) and still wore leggings or sweats every day for 2.5 years because none of my clothes fit me.  In January 2013, I bought a Groupon for Gaia Fit and was completely intimidated to try it, but it turned out to be one of the best fitness decisions I ever made.  Being one of the weakest in the class was mentally and physically challenging, but after just a few classes I felt myself getting stronger and able to do some exercises I couldn’t do just a few weeks prior. In March, I decided to become serious with boot camp and signed up for a full year of unlimited classes, did an overhaul on my diet, and decided to try to eat as clean as I possibly could. These two things and an “I can do this” attitude lead me to lose 25 pounds (and my husband quite a few, as well!) since March. Going from leggings and sweats to skinny jeans felt amazing! In October, I participated in GaiaFit’s Chin-Up Challenge and was the most improved going from zero to 40 seconds after 6 weeks of training at bootcamp and a little bit during my own workouts.  Mandy’s motivation and challenging classes, along with the other boot camp members have really made this such a positive weight loss experience for me and I hope to do the same for others!

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