May INSPIRATION of the Month

Posted on June 11, 2017 by Mary Patterson

Gaia Fit has brought back our highlight of the month… this time with a little twist. Rather than the coaches choose, our athletes choose!

Every month, we will ask our Gaia Fit family who they think deserves to be INSPIRATION of the month. Getting this started was fun and inspirational within itself. Our Gaia Fit TRIBE is so supportive of each other, we received countless emails referencing EVERYONE. We will share more of that on Facebook Live this coming week.

By the end of the week, one person received some special recognition from her fellow tribe members. I am not sure if it was more cool to hear their words or to see her HUMBLE reaction to being Gaia Fit's INSPIRATION of the month. Here is what some of your fellow Gaia Fit Tribe members had to say about you Jill...


"I nominate Jill at 6am boot camp. She's attends regularly, works hard, and has a good attitude!"


"I would like to vote for Jill S.   She is a great workout partner and encourager.  She always shows up a few minutes early and is ready to workout.  She seems to push herself to do her best in class.  I usually workout next to her and I have seen her make good progress along the way."


"I have a nominee for Inspiration of the Month... I think Jill falls in this category. This morning she was talking about how she has built up her arm strength and "can actually do things now," which is pretty great! (and she kick my butt doing those push ups on the ball). She is always a motivating partner and I feel like she holds me accountable to making it to class when she asks if I will be there some days."


Now let's learn a little bit more about JILL the INSPIRATION!

Name: Jill Marie Shively

Family: James - husband of 13 years, Abby - 10 and Lucas - 7 both at DIS

Occupation:  My official occupation is that I work from home for American Institutes for Research, a research and technical assistance non-profit organization in DC. I support staff that are in the field to improve schools and districts across the country that are struggling. I have worked with this company for 15 years.  My upcoming volunteer occupation is the DIS PTA Board President. I look forward to leading the DIS PTA Board for the next two years and continue the support of Daniel Island School. :)  

How long have you been taking Gaia Fit Boot CampI started a year ago in May! :) (HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, Jill!)

When/How often do you attend? I started only going to Bootcamp twice a week at 6am. I also now attend Small Group twice a week at 6am on Mondays and Friday.  

What motivated you to start going to Gaia Fit Boot Camp? I had lost most of "baby weight" (~40 lbs) when we lived in Toledo just using an elliptical and Weight Watchers, but when we moved to SC, I discovered the amazing food and drinks the south has to offer. Plus, I love to cook/entertain and have learned to make some great southern dishes. I had to do something to keep weight from coming back, so I started going to the gym early in the morning and I would drive by bootcampers on my way to the gym. I decided to try it... but it took me a while to muster up the confidence to just show up! I have to admit that I work this hard and continue to (1) feel good, but mostly (2) eat and drink what I want without too much guilt! :) 

What motivates you to keep going to Boot Camp? I can do things I NEVER imagined I could do....burpees, pull ups, push ups, planks, etc. I will admit I cried the first time at bootcamp - mostly because I truly thought I was in shape and it was evident that first time that I wasn't close. I'll never forget what Mary told me that first day - turn that frustration into motivation to keep going and growing. I used to just run and elliptical at the gym which did something, but not where I am today! I feel great and confident - muscle strength and definition is something I never knew how to achieve.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Boot Camp? Push yourself and do will not only feel great, but you will feel accomplished. Mary is a great coach...she truly pushes you but in a way you feel supported and comfortable. And the women I work out with every morning are a true supportive community. At 6am the weather and environment is just perfect...the coolest point of the day and working out in the dark (and sometimes the rain) is perfection!  

Do you have any cool health goals you are working on that you would like to share? I am not a good goal setter so to speak. I kind of live life and see where it takes me. I can tell you what one of my goals SHOULD BE: to drink more water and as we enter into the summer season, I really need to make a point to drink more to replace the crazy sweating. I also need to figure out how to energize my day - while I go to bed early, and get up early - working out doesn't seem to really give me the energy people talk about. 

Anything else you would like to share... One big surprise from the month of May is that I am enjoying Yoga! I never considered myself a yoga person but after a couple clasess - the quiet and stretching is a great addition to my week! Lastly, I just wanted to thank Mary and the rest of the 6am Gaia Fit ladies for the support over the past year. Coming to Boot Camp and Small Group would never happen regularly without a great coach and community! Love to you all! 

Summer 2017 Special!

Posted on May 18, 2017 by Mary Patterson

Join us from June 1st through August 15th for ONLY $125!

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12 Days of Deals 2016!

Posted on December 06, 2016 by Mary Patterson

12 Days of Awesome Deals!

Some important things to note.

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Happy Healthydays!
Your Gaia Fit Team


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Build Your Rock Star & Help Me List!

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Mary Patterson

Even one of our favorite motivational quotes, "Don't wish for it. Work for it." is not meant to be an all or nothing approach. Too many times in life we take this approach to lifestyle change, health, fitness, nutrition, diet. And all to often of those times, we start off flying high and then... Bam! Life hits us in the face and we are quickly back to the drawing board.  The roller coaster continues.

We will be building upon a new series of weekly Health Chats that are designed to feed you motivational information to take you on your journey step by step. This may be one of the most important ones to help get you started. Take the next 5-15 minutes to listen, reflect and start your journey! (And just in case you were thinking it, we are not driving the car ;-) Parked safely in between doing errands and had y'all on our mind.)



Time to be Bold. Share your Dream.

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Mary Patterson

Let's shout our dream from the rooftop and then go get them! This is unfiltered and 100% me passionatly rambling from the heart. 

When I rattle off my use to be answers to the questions...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

How will you change the world?

I said them because I admire every single one of those professions and when used in greatness can and do change the world. My problem was I didn't feel them. I said them because I thought that was the right answer. The answer others wanted to hear. It was what I was "suppose" to say. Does that make sense?

How often do we do that in life still? That is one of the main points I would love for others get out of this. Stay true to your heart. Take your time and find your passion, love and energy. It doesn't have to come in a perfectly wrapped package at the perfect time. Life doesn't happen that way. Forget Whole Foods, I am coming to you from Walmart. 

Shaklee is an amazing vehicle and fits so perfectly, perfect with creating health and a healthier life for everyone and anyone! 

Why I Shaklee...

It is a company that walks the talk and talks the walk.
It is a company that doesn't follow trends.
It is a company that stays true to purity, quality, nature and science.
It provides the right nutrition for me, my family, friends, and clients. 
It allows me the opportunity of flexible hours.
It provides a safer alternative to Gatorade (yep, sometimes, it is that simple).
It gives me the energy I need to keep up with two active boys. 
It shares the opportunity and luxury of a free car and travel
It shares motivational and inspirational training that has already changed my life. 
It provides all of this for anyone and everyone looking to build a healthy life and lifestyle. 
It works with you wherever you are! Yes! Even in the Walmart parking lot!

With Shaklee, I can change the world AND help others change the world! When we create and foster health in ourselves and in others, we cultivate an environment of love, passion and energy. That is a world I want to be a part of! #whyishaklee




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